Owl calendars and cards

I have worked with Pomegranate Publications since 2011, creating owl calendars and note cards, many of which have been best sellers. I currently have three products available to purchase now. 

2019 owl Calendar - Available now 


Barn Owl Note cards - Available Now


I have published owl calendars with Pomegranate since 2011. Here is a collection of past work: 

This Has Happened

words and images after the crash

On April 14, 2011, a 28-year-old Sacramento man, slightly drunk, feeling rushed, and finding himself in the San Francisco lane on 880N in Oakland, made the decision to suddenly cross three lanes of traffic, killing my son Alex and severely injuring his friend David Brehmer.  We exist in an interconnected web of life and actions, where each decision we make affects all those around us, and nothing makes that more apparent than this tragedy.

During the months following this crash, David and I, independently, began to create the poems and the drawings that appear in this book.  After the exhaustion of plodding through the trappings of such a horrendous loss – notifying friends and family, court proceedings, planning a memorial, the relentlessness of grief – I would sit on my bed in the evenings, holding paper and surrounded by pencils, watercolors and pastels, and mindlessly let the images flow; it was the only relief from the pain of that enormous rift in the web of my existence.

So David and I put together this book, which has now become a part of the interconnected web of those we know, those who knew Alex, and hopefully those who might benefit from our experience.

Examples from the Book:

The Biggest and Best Fish Tale Ever Told

by Annie Hershey, illustrated by Jeannine Chappell


Gaia Rhythms for Womyn